Sprout is all about promoting the health and happiness of our customers and our team by providing great service and quality products that don’t cost the earth.

What does this mean?

Sprout seeks to promote the health and happiness of our customers and the wider Newquay community, not least the wellbeing of our valued Sprout Team. Providing friendly and attentive service, stocking excellent products including specialist items for restricted diets, sharing our passion for healthy foods, and organising fun and informative events for the community are some of the ways we aim to achieve this. Looking after the wellbeing of the Sprout staff, we strive to provide consistent year-round employment by adapting our offering in step with seasonal fluctuations. We enjoy frequent staff training and social events throughout the year.

Sprout team at Potager Gardens

The Sprout team have a shared respect for nature and passion for all things sustainable. We are always learning and enjoy sharing this collective knowledge with customers. Exciting new shop products are consciously selected bearing in mind multiple factors namely: farming standards, processing practices, packaging choices, product lifespans, and the food miles incurred. This can be nuanced – for example, did you know that bananas from the tropics have a smaller carbon footprint than British grown tomatoes when bought during winter?

Sharing information such as the benefits of organic over non-organic is something we are passionate about and always happy to discuss. Check out the Soil Association website and follow #organicseptember to discover more.

In the Sprout café, waste is kept to a minimum using local suppliers providing packaging free ingredients and thanks to our simple daily menu. Our famous ’Sprout pot’ one-pot meal of the day is available until sold out – first come first served!

Stormy day at Towan Beach Newquay

We love to shop small. Shopping with small businesses that source local products can reduce the environmental impact that otherwise occurs from national chains transporting goods from further afield. This is partly why we love to seek out local produce and take pride in championing local makers and producers here at Sprout.

We are also aware of the positive impact that ‘shopping small’ has on our local community. When we shop locally more of our money stays local, having a greater impact on local job creation. This benefits the local economy whilst also supporting businesses to be more diverse (responding directly to local interests) and more able to offer a personal service in something that they are passionate about. In our case this means food, drink, community and our planet!

Themptation hemp seed hummus and chocolate
Collagen supplements on display in Sprout Health Foods

Why all the hype around collagen?

Collagen is a popular topic right now, so what’s all the hype about? This blog will explore what collagen is and its importance in health, how to support collagen production from your diet, and the different types of supplements you can take.

May 29th is World Digestive Health Day

Good digestive health is fundamental for our overall health. Our digestion is responsible for ensuring we can break down and absorb all the nutrients from our food. A compromised digestive system can result in uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn, bloating and gas, as well as contribute to nutrient depletions which can have further consequences, and an imbalance in our all-important gut microbiome (our lovely eco system of bacteria and other micro-organisms that reside in our gut).

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 – Choose The World You Want campaign.

We are generally all aware of the work that the Fairtrade Foundation has been undertaking for years to provide a fair remuneration to small scale producers around the world. This year they are also working to highlight and tackle the consequences of global climate change for these same producers.