Claire (she/her)

Bast (he/him)

Claire has a passion for home-cooked, nutritious food, both savoury and sweet, and an associated recipe book buying habit that is pleasingly out of control. Having studied Neuroscience, worked as a Chef, and qualified as a Nutritional Therapist; Sprout is the offspring of this ongoing career muddle. She has a growing dependence on Cacao, and can usually be found attached to a computer clutching paperwork. Ask her about breathwork, her new obsession.

Sebastian is known for his big hair, big voice and even bigger heart. A real people person, Bast loves showing people around the shop, suggesting novel foods for them to try and enticing customers to come along to all the Sprout events and gatherings. He has a passion for architecture and design, which is handy as he designs and makes, builds or paints pretty much everything at here Sprout.


Enter the Sprout at the Old Printhouse and you will be greeted by one of these friendly faces. Not only are they some of the most caring and fun people you will meet, this bunch have a epic collective knowledge when it comes to wellness, natural therapies, good food, environmental issues and most importantly, what to have for dinner!  

Front of shop. Stone building with green window shutters


Ashleigh (she/her)

Ashleigh is a perfect fit for Sprout because she is obsessed with all things food; eating it, talking about it, planning her social life around it. Originally a Newquay local, Ash spent 10 years studying and traveling between London, India and Australia. Her interest in health, well-being and movement led her to qualify as a yoga instructor and to take on the role of shop manager here at Sprout. Lucky, aren’t we!

Karen sat by the sea enjoying a beer

Karen (she/her)

Karen is cool. She inspires us all to live how we know we ought to. Drawn to the seaside, Kazza has called Cornwall her home for 36 years, where she has raised a gorgeous family and grown many plants. Having converted her ramshackle garden shed to the pottery studio of dreams, she takes inspiration from ocean and countryside to inform her unique, beautiful hand-made ceramics. Follow her on Instagram at Karen Harrington Ceramics. 

Julesy wearing a nice hat in the sun

Juliette (she/her)

Jules has boundless energy and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She is a qualified Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant, herbal medicine student and voracious forager and grower. A lifelong love of natural health and wellbeing has seen her delving into everything from plant-based nutrition to chakra dancing, whilst penning recipe features for Vegan Life magazine. To find out more about her workshops, cleanses and coaching head to @originswellbeing

Sarah walking on the beach

Sarah (she/her)

Loved by all of our customers, Sarah is an old hand here at Sprout, having been a key player in our team since we opened in 2016. Over the years she successfully juggled starting a family whilst studiously working towards becoming qualified as a Nutritional Therapist. She is now seeing clients on a 1:1 basis offering bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice. Check her out at

Nicola sitting on the beach

Nicola (she/her)

Nicola really gets it. She is passionate about the wellbeing of others, animals and our beautiful planet and really values their interconnectedness. Having sampled life around the globe, she returned to her Cornish roots to raise a family. Nic is a qualified Holistic Massage therapist, working adaptively to encompass mind, body and spirit, to promote deep relaxation and pain management in her clients. Get in touch at Facebook: Nicola Andrews Holistic Massage

Renzo the whippet

Renzo (he/him)

Renzo is a wild card. Mostly a calm, lovable, supremely soft, big-eyed gentle soul, this fella has a dark side, typified by flagrant food thievery, a contrary nature towards other canines and a ferocious bark for a slight dog of supposedly placid-natured breed. He loves being part of the Sprout team and in no way feels objectified when used in social media posts to promote shop sales. woof.


Step off Perranporth high street and go say hello to our team at  Sprout at The Yard. This lot are obsessed with food and drink that is tasty, colourful and nutritious. They have a mutual enthusiasm for local and ethically sourced goods and are confident they can make you a damn fine coffee or soul soothing cup of cacao.

Sprout at the Yard shopfront
Katie holds a chicken


Katie (she/her)

This creative wonder woman is a truly compassionate being, dressed in a riot of clashing colours and prints. Katie’s study of Wildlife Conservation and passion for animal welfare has seen her working at wildlife sanctuaries and conservation projects all over the world. A dedicated vegan, she cooks up a plant-based storm in the Sprout kitchen and is our Yard social media ninja too. Boom!

Leah with Sprout Bag

Leah (she/her)


The queen of beige! Often spotted wearing beige, riding her beige scooter, scooting between Sprout in Newquay and The Yard in Perran. Leah is a huge advocate for veganism and caring about the environment, so fits in at Sprout like a dream. She loves good coffee and can usually be found laughing, whilst wearing beige. Meet Leah and never again will you mistake beige for boring!

Photo of Tilly Perranporth Team Member

Tilly (she/they)

Tilly is good news.

Collagen supplements on display in Sprout Health Foods

Why all the hype around collagen?

Collagen is a popular topic right now, so what’s all the hype about? This blog will explore what collagen is and its importance in health, how to support collagen production from your diet, and the different types of supplements you can take.

May 29th is World Digestive Health Day

Good digestive health is fundamental for our overall health. Our digestion is responsible for ensuring we can break down and absorb all the nutrients from our food. A compromised digestive system can result in uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn, bloating and gas, as well as contribute to nutrient depletions which can have further consequences, and an imbalance in our all-important gut microbiome (our lovely eco system of bacteria and other micro-organisms that reside in our gut).

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 – Choose The World You Want campaign.

We are generally all aware of the work that the Fairtrade Foundation has been undertaking for years to provide a fair remuneration to small scale producers around the world. This year they are also working to highlight and tackle the consequences of global climate change for these same producers.