We are generally all aware of the work that the Fairtrade Foundation has been undertaking for years to provide a fair remuneration to small scale producers around the world. This year they are also working to highlight and tackle the consequences of global climate change for these same producers.

Mary Kinyua, a representative of the Fairtrade Board recently highlighted this in her Climate Ambition Summit Speech which she shared to world leaders at the UN Climate Ambition Summit last December, on behalf of over 1.7million farmers and workers in the Fairtrade system.

“We’re not going fast enough. Change by 2050 is too late. The weather is changing now.”

“We cannot expect, and it is not fair to expect, producers to absorb the costs of more sustainable methods of farming when they’re not even able to earn a living income or living wage, because the price they receive for their produce is far too low. This needs to change – and it needs to change fast.”

“Tackling climate change properly means helping farmers and workers with the cost of switching to low carbon production and transport. And that cannot happen if we’re not prepared to pay for it.”

“So as a matter of justice and a matter of science, action on the climate crisis cannot be delayed any longer.”

Please take a few moments to watch the short film below to gain a deeper understanding of what the Fairtrade Foundation is focusing on at this moment in time.

We are always proud to stock many Fairtrade products here at Sprout Health Foods. Simply look out for the distinctive Fairtrade logo on products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, dried fruits, vanilla, molasses, honey and some grains such as quinoa. Please do check out our social media channels to enter a competition to win some fairly traded products and spread the word.

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