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T’is the season of indulgence, Fa La La La La, La La La Lah!

We think that everybody deserves to enjoy the edible festivities at this time of year, so here is our recipe for a tray of ‘healthier’ mince pies. We adore the orange-zest scented crumble-topping of these vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free pies of seasonal joy. Indulge in one, or two, to see how they leave you feeling both satisfied and nourished. Just remember to save one to leave out for Santa. Ho Ho Ho!

Preheat your oven to 175C (fan) and gather together a food processor, mince pie tray, rolling pin and the ingredients.

To make the crust, blend all of the crust ingredients in a food processor, adding warm water as needed to form a rough dough. Roll out the dough on a floured surface (use a gluten-free flour, such as rice flour or a blend) to approximately 0.5cm thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut pie base rounds, and carefully push them into a pre-greased (use coconut oil) mince pie tray. You may need to lift them using a spatula as the dough is quite crumbly. Simply push the dough back together in any places that that it has broken apart. Bake the empty pie cases in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes then remove from the oven.

Add the crust dough remnants back to the food processor, together with the rest of the crumble topping ingredients and pulse until combined to form an appetisingly crumbly consistency. Fill each pie case with 2 tsp of Meridian mince pie filling, then sprinkle over the crumble topping. Don’t worry about covering the mince pie filing entirely. Return to the oven for another 8-10 minutes, until just beginning to turn golden brown.

Leave to cool in the tray for a short while, then transfer to a wire cooling rack. Eat one as soon as possible, because why wouldn’t you? Store in an air-tight container for up to a week, or freeze for unannounced Christmas visitor emergencies (and Santa, of course!).

Gluten-free oats150 g
Ground almonds120 g
Ground cinnamon1/2 tsp
Vanilla extract1 tsp
Date syrup3 tbsp
Coconut oil (melted)3 tbsp
Warm water 3-4 tbsp (or as needed)
Gluten-free flour (for rolling out the dough)a light sprinkling
Meridian mince pie filling (sweetened with apple juice)1 jar
Roasted hazelnuts (skins off)30g
Orange zestfrom 1/2 orange
Ground Mixed Spice1/2 tsp
Vegan butter (we use Naturli Vegan Block)30g
Coconut Sugar2 tbsp
left over crust mix (the remnants that remain after cutting out the pie bases)~ 100g
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