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Medicinal Herbalist and fountain of wellness knowledge Sarah Murphy is back! Join her in our tranquil courtyard for a Saturday morning making magical remedies.

Kitchen remedies for winter wellness is a 90 minute workshop which focuses on making (and using) herbal preparations from common kitchen cupboard items.

Learn how to make cost effective heirloom herbal remedies including:

  • An overnight “no cook” raw cough syrup
  • An immune boosting herbal shrub
  • A delicious everyday detoxifying tea
  • A “simple” using the folk method

The workshop will also cover store cupboard standbys, providing you with invaluable information about winter wellness supplements that every home should have at hand before you get sick.

This practical workshop gives you the tools and confidence to create your own winter wellness self care kit to safely prevent and treat common acute ailments during the colder months. This hands on session will demonstrate how easy it is to make cost effective, tried and trusted remedies from everyday items you already have at home.

Included in the ticket price: Tasters and a medicine to take home.

See the table below for more information and a link to book.

Event Details
DateSaturday 30th October
Age (recommended)12+
Booking required?Yes

Bast Venn

Co-Founder of Sprout Health Foods, Bast is an all round legend and health food fanatic. He loves to surf and do awesome things.

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